Limerence & Lux


“Luscious, glimmering poems of life, desire, vision, and imagination.” — Charles Alexander.

 The collection of poems focuses on the lightblooms of desire and lust and heartbreak that fill the intimate spaces of relationships between people and their shared navigation of the world’s darkness. This limited edition, hand-stitched, letterpressed, chapbook features individually-painted blue and gold covers by artist Cynthia Miller. It is available from Chax Press, now.

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product details

Chapbook. Limited to 100 copies.     ISBN 9780986264061       Price: $20

Designed by Charles Alexander and hand sewn (bound) by friends of Chax Press. Each cover contains an original hand painted image by Cynthia Miller. Books are hand sewn with red linen thread. Cover printing is letterpress, with Gloucester Std Old Style and Garamond types.

production photos

limerence and lux spread photo for website  . . .  photo of typeface of limerence and lux for website

selected lines:

“a thousand peacocks’ eyes couldn’t watch me sane” — from the poem “Like Red, Dancing for the Wolf”

“Open your windows and open your doors and open your arms and open her arms into your arms . . .” — from the poem “Longing Along the Long Winter’s Eve”